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General Visitor Information

Visitors are individuals who are not currently in the COVID-19 routine surveillance testing program, including international employees who reside abroad. Any domestic Tufts staff, faculty, and students are not considered to be visitors, even if they are remote.

Vendors provide on-site services or materials to Tufts, ranging from a one-time delivery to ongoing services.

Affiliates (e.g., contractors, temp workers, visiting professors) may have a Tufts user ID and password and access to Tufts facilities.

Vendors and affiliates must comply with the Tufts University COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Vendors and Affiliates.

Visitors to Tufts campuses must be 18+ years old
Minors are not allowed to work in research labs or enroll in in-person classes. Exceptions to minors on campus are those who are at the Elliot Pearson School, patients at the dental clinics, on campus for admissions tours and athletics recruiting, or on campus to participate in human subject research.

Minors participating in human subject research

  • Minors must be accompanied by adult.
  • Minors and their parents must follow all Tufts’ COVID protocols for visitors on campus, e.g., wear masks indoors and complete the Daily Health Survey before coming to campus, and researchers are required to apprise parents of these protocols.
  • Parents’ will not be asked about their vaccination status.
  • All human subjects research involving minors will be classified as “high risk” and will be reviewed by the Integrative Safety Committee.

Safety protocols
All visitors to campus must continue to follow all COVID safety protocols, including wearing a mask indoors and regular hand washing/sanitizing.

Testing requirements
Vaccination does not relieve testing requirements. Visitors who are on campus daily or multiple times a week with regular contact with faculty, staff, or students require weekly testing. Please email to set the visitor up in the routine surveillance testing program.

Visitors who do not meet this requirement are not tested through the Tufts testing program.

Tufts is not providing COVID tests for visitors that are involved in common academic and research activities; however, the Occupational Health Office should be consulted for any visitors whose activities will require sustained close contact with Tufts community members. If the nature of a visit requires significant close contact (hands on training, close supervision, or evaluation, working in small, enclosed spaces for periods greater than 15 minutes), the Occupational Health office should be consulted about the need for testing. 

Read more about vendor and affiliate testing expectations


Visitor Vaccination Information

Vaccination Requirements 
Vaccination against COVID-19 is of the utmost public health importance. Achieving a high vaccination rate within the Tufts community will help enormously to minimize (although not eliminate completely) the risks of the Delta variant. For this reason, Tufts University is requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all Tufts community members, including students, faculty, staff, researchers, vendors, contractors, volunteers, affiliates, and others who have any on-campus presence. Read the Vendor & Affiliate Vaccination Policy

Vaccination Compliance 
Tufts recognizes that many institutions are mandating COVID-19 vaccination. If a visitor is coming to campus from an institution that mandates vaccination, it is assumed that the individual is vaccinated or has received a medical or religious accommodation.  

Proof of Vaccination 
All visitors who are coming to a Tufts campus are expected to be vaccinated and to bring their CDC card as proof of vaccination.  

Read more about COVID protocols for events

The following chart breaks down the vaccination requirements for each type of visitor to a Tufts campus. 

Type of Visitor



Tufts University requires all affiliates coming to campus to be vaccinated or to have obtained a medical/religious exemption from their primary employer.

If an individual is coming from an institution that mandates COVID-19 vaccination, it is assumed the individual is vaccinated or has received medical/religious accommodation. This will be verified by the school or division for whom the affiliate works.

Self-employed affiliates are required to provide proof of vaccination and or documented medical/religious accommodation via the Tufts University portal.

Guest Lecturers/Performers

Guest lecturers/performers from institutions with vaccination requirements similar to Tufts are assumed to be vaccinated under the concept of broad reciprocity. This will be verified by the school that the guest lecturer or performer is visiting.

Guest lecturers should bring a copy of their vaccination documentation with them to campus.

Human Subjects

Human subjects participating in research on Tufts campuses will not be asked to provide COVID-19 vaccination documentation or attest to a vaccinated status. Vaccination status may be asked as part of an IRB approved research protocol; however, this information will not be asked by researchers or the university as a criterion to expressly exclude an individual from participating in research conducted in-person.

The human subject(s) and the researcher will wear masks at all times.

If the human subject needs to remove their mask for any reason during the study (e.g., for facial recognition), the study is classified as high risk and requires review and approval by the ISC.

Visiting Professors/Scholars/Researchers

All visiting professors, scholars, and researchers are required to be vaccinated.

They will need to upload their vaccination documentation via the Tufts University portal.

Medical/religious accommodations will be accepted upon documentation from the visiting professors, scholars, or researchers’ home institution.

Volunteers (on-campus)

All in-person volunteers are required to be vaccinated.

They will need to upload their vaccination documentation via the Tufts University portal.

Unvaccinated individuals may not volunteer at Tufts.

Volunteers (off-campus)

If a Tufts student, faculty, or staff member wants to volunteer/work in the community, they should be vaccinated, participate in our surveillance program, and wear a mask at all times when indoors.

Beyond that, they should comply with any other protocols that the organization where they are working/volunteering has in place.

If a Tufts student, faculty, or staff member wants to volunteer/work in the community, they should be vaccinated, participate in our surveillance program, and wear a mask at all times when indoors.


Vendors deploying individuals to Tufts campuses will certify that those individuals are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have received an appropriate medical or religious accommodation (provided by the vendor per its policy). 

Tufts Procurement will maintain a list of all vendors with whom the university has this agreement.


Tenants and lessors whose employees come into contact with Tufts students, faculty or staff shall certify that its employees who come to Tufts campuses have completed their COVID-19 vaccinations or have received an appropriate medical or religious accommodation (provided by the tenant/lessor per its policy). 

Tenant or lessor must provide employees’ vaccination documentation to Operations (Real Estate Office) or to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (for labs).

Workshop/Program or CE Attendees

All in-person workshop/program attendees or non-matriculated students are required to be vaccinated.

At time of registration, attendees must attest to having been vaccinated or having received medical/religious accommodation, and they will be asked to bring their vaccination documentation or accommodation approval upon their arrival to campus.

Medical/religious accommodations will be accepted upon receipt of documentation from the attendee’s home institution.