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March 19, 2020

Dear Tufts students,

I am writing for two reasons. First, I want to ensure that you are fully aware of all the ways in which we are here to support you. This is an unprecedented and difficult time for our Tufts community, and I appreciate all of the changes you have endured this past week. I am thankful for our outstanding faculty and staff who are working diligently to move our courses and infrastructure online, and I am especially grateful for each of you and your patience. I know that beyond dealing with disruptions to your coursework, research, study abroad, and many other activities you were engaged in while on campus, you are also dealing with being away from your friends. Please know that despite the distance, we are still connected and Tufts is here to offer you help and support.

Allow me to remind and reassure you that, in addition to the support you may rely on from the faculty members whose courses you are taking and with whom you are working right now, the university has curated a wide array of resources, tools, and suggestions for your use, on the Learning Remotely page available from Tufts Technology Services (TTS).

Also know that the faculty members teaching your courses have been actively preparing to teach online using Canvas and other tools. The TTS Educational Technology Services team is supporting the faculty members in every school, providing the tools, training, and support that they need to make your learning experience as positive and constructive as possible.

Second, please know that we are making every effort to ensure that remote learning will be as seamless as possible for you. I recognize that issues will arise and questions will need to be answered. On behalf of the entire faculty and President Monaco, I sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to ensure that you can continue to thrive as a member of our community of learners. When you encounter issues or have questions, please know that your faculty members and those of us in administrative roles want to hear from you, so please reach out and ask for help. For access to the latest information and updates, I encourage you to visit

It is my hope that our staying connected in new, creative, and dynamic ways may help build a more connected and even stronger university community. Please accept my gratitude for your flexibility with our evolving circumstances, as well as my very best wishes for the health and well-being of you and your loved ones.

Nadine Aubry
Provost and Senior Vice President