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While the prevalence of COVID-19 has fallen dramatically, the virus has not been eliminated and the potential for serious illness from infection remains, especially among immunocompromised and or unvaccinated members of the community. 

Tufts has implemented a comprehensive coronavirus (COVID-19) testing program across all four of our campuses. Effective testing allows us to slow the spread of the disease on our campuses by allowing us to identify those who have COVID-19, arrange for their isolation from others and assist them in receiving the care they need. Testing data also provide the university with information about the spread of the disease on our campuses to help inform decisions about campus operations and necessary health and safety protocols.  

The following sets forth the university’s current COVID-19 testing program and answers commonly asked questions on the various elements of testing and isolation.

Routine Surveillance Testing

A routine surveillance testing program is in place across the Tufts community, including students, faculty, staff, and vendors/affiliates. More information, including details about locations, frequency, and the test-scheduling app can be found here. 

Read more about routine surveillance testing

Testing Logistics

Our testing strategy is centered on regular tests of the Tufts community using a pooled testing protocol. More information, including notifications, the testing process, and the testing provider, can be found here. 

 Read more about testing logistics

If You Are Sick

Students, faculty, and staff should stay home when feeling sick! If you don’t feel well and are exhibiting symptoms, we ask that you do not come to campus. 

Read more about what to do if you are sick

Isolation Guidelines

Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate. More information, including what steps you should take depending on your role in the Tufts community, can be found here. 

Read more about isolation guidelines


Special policies apply to visitors who are not already part of the routine surveillance testing program on campus. An in-depth overview of meeting and visitor policies is available here

Read more about visitors

Return Testing & Quarantine for Travelers

All domestic and international travelers (personal and Tufts-related) must follow the return to campus testing and quarantine protocols according to their vaccination status. 

Read more about return testing for travelers


If you have specific questions that are not answered on the linked pages, please refer to the COVID-19 contact list for who to email. See

Read more frequently asked questions

Testing Calendar

Testing is available on all Tufts’ campuses - specific details about testing times and locations are updated regularly.

Read more about the testing calendar