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April 13, 2022

Dear Students,

We are writing to inform you that our COVID isolation rooms in the Mods and alternative housing in area hotels are nearing capacity.

We are doing everything possible to secure additional isolation rooms in local hotels; however, if the number of students needing isolation exceeds our isolation housing’s capacity, COVID positive students who live on campus may need to isolate in their residence hall rooms. Please read the following information carefully.

Isolation Following a Positive Test

  • Students who test positive will receive an email message with instructions. Please wait until our staff contact you with more details about your isolation before trying to contact us. You should remain in your room until you receive your isolation information.
  • If the Mods and other alternative housing options become full, students with campus housing will isolate in their rooms.
  • Students living on campus in a double or triple and who test positive will be given priority to isolate in the Mods or our other alternative housing should there be spaces available on the day of their positive test result. However, if there are no rooms available, they will isolate in their residence hall room for the duration of their isolation period.
  • Students with campus housing who test positive and who can return to their permanent home address without getting on a plane, train, bus, or other form of public transit will be required to do so to complete their isolation at home.
  • Students who live off campus will isolate in their off-campus residence.
  • All students (regardless of COVID test result) should wear masks indoors at all times when around others, including in shared restrooms, unless they are showering or brushing their teeth. For additional isolation guidelines, visit
  • All students with meal plans who are in isolation, including in the Mods, will order and receive their meals from UberEats using provided vouchers. You must wear a mask when collecting your meals from the lobby of your residence hall.
  • Students in isolation who need medical care should contact the Health Service by calling 617-627-3350 or by scheduling a telehealth appointment using the Health and Wellness portal.

As transmission of COVID within our student community remains high, we emphasize the need to wear a mask indoors while around others at all times. Mask wearing is essential in reducing the spread of COVID. We are concerned that continued high rates may impact the end of the academic year.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and cooperation during these challenging times. We ask for your efforts and cooperation so that we can reduce our numbers and preserve a full in-person experience.

Camille Lizarríbar, JD, PhD
Dean of Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer for AS&E

Michael R. Jordan, MD, MPH
University Infection Control Health Director, Associate Professor of Medicine

Marie Caggiano, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Health Service