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Many of the restrictions that were in place during the last academic year have been revised or eliminated based on the rate of vaccination and in compliance with the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local and state health authorities. However, some policies, including mask wearing and hand hygiene, remain in place to ensure everyone’s continued health and safety until further notice. 

You can stay informed of any changes during the semester by visiting this site. 

You will find additional campus policies, requirements, and recommendations for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on our Healthy@Tufts page, including protocols for mask wearing, dining, and events. If you still have unanswered questions, please email

COVID-19 Vaccines

All in-person students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have a medical or religious accommodation.

See for more details.

Surveillance Testing

All students who are coming to campus are expected to participate in routine surveillance testing and to complete the daily health screening. See Testing at Tufts for the latest information.

Masking Wearing

Wearing face masks will be required when you are indoors, including classrooms, laboratories, studios, libraries, dining halls, and residences. Within your off-campus apartment or residence hall, face masks must be worn in communal areas such as lounges, kitchens, and hallways.

A mask is currently required if you are attending any outdoor event where 100 or more people are present.


While outdoor dining will be encouraged in the fall, we anticipate all our campus dining locations will be fully operational. Visit the Dining Services website for locations and hours.

Residence Hall Visitors

Tufts students participating in surveillance testing may visit Tufts students living in other residence halls in accordance with ORLL guest policy; however, occupancy limits and mask wearing policies will be in effect.

Non-Tufts visitors will not be allowed in residence halls. (Parents and guardians may assist with move-in and must wear face masks.)


We are preparing for a full resumption of athletics, including club sports and intramurals. Varsity athletes will be tested in the same testing cadence with other students; any additional guidance that may come from the NCAA or the NESCAC will be applicable.

Campus Organizations

Student organizations and student groups will be able to conduct meetings and events in person.

Singing and Wind and Brass Instrument Playing

Indoor practices and performances will be permitted with appropriate, instrument-specific PPE (e.g., masks for singers; masks for wind and brass instrument players; reed instrument bags; etc.). There is no distance requirement between performers and the audience but audience members must wear masks indoors. Audience members do not need to wear masks outdoors.

There will be no PPE requirements or other COVID-19 restrictions for outdoor practices and performances.

Theater Rehearsals and Performances (non-singing)

Performers and audience members must wear masks indoors.