Faculty & Staff: Upload your vaccination documentation—or request an accommodation—by August 15. More Information
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Students, faculty, and staff should stay home when feeling sick! If you don’t feel well and are exhibiting symptoms, we ask that you do not come to campus.

Individuals with flu-like symptoms or who have been in close contact with someone who is confirmed as having COVID-19 in the previous 14 days should seek medical care and receive a negative COVID-19 test before returning to work or classes.

Please refer to your campus below for specific instructions.

Students should call Health Service at 617-627-3350 and speak with a clinician.

Employees should stay (or return) home and notify the Jumbo Health Center at jumbohealthcenter@marathon-health.com or 617-627-0467 or your primary care physician (PCP) to discuss your symptoms. Employees should receive symptom or exposure-based testing if advised by their clinician, and testing should be done through their PCP’s service; they should not return to campus until they have been cleared to return to work by their physician and should keep in communication with their direct supervisor or manager. Tufts is not providing symptom or exposure-based testing to employees at this time. If you test positive, you should notify the Jumbo Health Center at jumbohealthcenter@marathon-health.com or 617-627-0467 to evaluate your individual circumstances and, when appropriate, initiate the contact tracing process so that any Tufts colleagues or students with whom you may have had close contact can be notified of possible exposure. You may leave a voice mail with your name and contact number if it is off-hours.

Please call the testing center at 617-636-3686 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, to discuss your symptoms and the appropriate next steps with a clinician. For non-emergency situations or if the testing site is closed, you should call your primary care provider’s office to discuss options. If you need emergency care, call 911 or go to your local emergency room.

Faculty, staff, house officers, or any students should contact their primary health care provider or contact a local urgent care center. If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to campus. Please email cummingscovid@tufts.edu and your supervisor if you are an employee. If you are a DVM student, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs as directed. If you are a graduate student, please contact the graduate program manager and your program director. Any employee or student who is required to isolate or self-quarantine should inform the school through the cummingscovid@tufts.edu email and should not return to campus until cleared by their health-care provider and the school’s health-care monitor.

For faculty and staff on the Boston health sciences and Grafton campus who are not in the surveillance testing program, the mass.gov website has a list of testing sites that may be helpful: https://www.mass.gov/doc/ma-covid-19-testing-sites/download.

Tested positive outside of Tufts?

If you receive a positive test result from your primary care physician or another entity outside of a Tufts testing site, please provide official documentation of your positive test result for our health providers. Please ensure the uploaded documentation specifies your name, date of birth, what type of test was performed, test result, and test date.

If you were coming to campus regularly at the time of your positive test or onset of symptoms, please contact the Jumbo Health Center at jumbohealthcenter@marathon-health.com or 617-627-0467 so that a clinician can evaluate your individual circumstances and notify anyone at Tufts with whom you have had close contact; you may leave a voicemail with your name and contact number if it is off-hours.

Note: The university is not currently processing tests from external sources (i.e., organizations other than those with which the university has contracted).