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The Finance Division seeks to maintain business operations through remote work during this period. For general financial questions, please reach out to your Budget Center contact.


How can I procure items needed for general business or to respond to emergency needs and ensure business continuity?

  • Marketplace is still operational and can be used for any items that will be delivered to campus.
  • For items that must be delivered to a home address, a PCard may be used. Contact your department administrator or Procurement. Items purchased must support University business. 
  • Contact Procurement at if you have difficulty obtaining any needed items or using your PCard. 

What if faculty, staff, or students need technology (software, laptops, etc.) to enable work from home?

Please review the Working Remotely page and contact IT for any laptop or other technology needs. 


If I must travel, should I book a refundable ticket?

  • Travel guidance is being provided via Tufts Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and addresses international and domestic university-related travel for students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Use of the University-authorized travel agent(s) is preferred and encouraged. Travelers should arrange all travel (air, rail, hotel, and rental cars) through one of these authorized agencies. Both Egencia and THE TRAVEL COLLABORATIVE apply advantageous rates and terms, and leverage carrier relationships that bring value to Tufts travelers.
  • The travel agencies can advise on the best fares (refundable, non-refundable) as well as travel insurance options that travelers and budget owners can consider when booking.
  • For travel on sponsored programs, higher costs for refundable tickets (not business class) are allowable, if there is a compelling business reason. Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 spread, this criterion is met. Booking a non-refundable ticket is preferred to procuring travel insurance. The travel agencies can advise.

If I need to cancel an existing flight, hotel, or other travel booking, who can help?

Tufts University recommends use of the Egencia and THE TRAVEL COLLABORATIVE agencies for all travel arrangements. If you have booked with either of these agencies, please contact them directly as they will assist in pursuing cancellations and potential refunds or credits.

What if I did not book official travel using Tufts approved travel agencies?

If you have booked directly with an airline, you will need to contact that airline directly to execute cancelation or pursue a refund. Airline policies regarding refunds and cancelations vary by carrier and are currently dynamic, so direct communication with the airline is necessary. Similarly, if you booked ground transportation or hotels directly, you will need to contact that service provider to cancel your reservation.

How should I go about canceling catered or large meeting events? 

We recommend you reach out to the venue directly and formally request cancelation and refund of any deposit. If a refund is not allowed, ask if a credit can be placed on your account for use in a one-year period. Most venues will find this acceptable. Please contact Tufts Procurement at if additional assistance is required. 

Can I be reimbursed for canceled university travel that had nonrefundable costs?

  • Work with Egencia or the Travel Collaborative for reservations made through these agencies.  
  • For costs incurred outside of these vendors, you may be able to obtain a refund or credit/voucher that can be used for future University (reimbursable) or personal (not reimbursable) travel.
  • For sponsored programs, cancelation fees are an allowable cost if there is a compelling business reason. Please reach out to your research administrator at the school/center for necessary documentation.
  • For additional resources for obtaining a refund or handling travel on grants, please review the general FAQs re: travel.

What is the contact information for Global Operations?

What is the contact information for Tufts Travel Agencies?

  • Egencia (formerly Expedia Corporate Travel)
    • Full-service agency specializing in "do it yourself" domestic online bookings.
    • Existing Egencia Users: 
    • Egencia Corporate Travel Agents: Toll-free 24 hours (877) 814-5057 (Dedicated Team)
    • To Become an Egencia User: Contact Tufts Support Services at Extension 77000.
  • The Travel Collaborative
    • 625 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 207, Cambridge, MA 02138
    • Full-service agency specializing in complex domestic and international bookings.
    • Tufts Direct Line: (617) 497-8180
    • Toll-free: (800) 370-7400
    • 24-Hour Service: (888) 567-9396 (member code G377)

General Accounting

The General Accounting Office is expected to operate as it normally does. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please email Ed Mahoney at

The Budget Center

The Office of Budget and Planning will maintain operations through remote work. Please reach out to your contact directly with any questions on budget, forecast, expense/position approvals, chart of accounts maintenance, or other needs.

Are there any special risks we should be aware of with regard to fraud/phishing?

As you work to keep business going, be cautious about phishing or other fraudulent inquiries. If you encounter suspicious activity, forward to for confirmation before taking action.

We have unplanned costs due to coronavirus-related business interruptions. Where should we charge these?

  • Your EAD / financial leader can advise on where to incur expenses. Typically you can continue to use your typical DeptIDs unless advised differently.
  • The Budget Center team will work with each unit to identify incremental expenses or losses that occurred due to COVID-19 related challenges.  It is helpful for you to flag/list these items to support that process.
  • The University anticipates financial constraints (net revenue lost) due to this crisis. Each school is asked to manage prudently while acting in the interest of safety. Your unit may issue more specific guidance regarding non-essential expenses.

Treasury and Cash Management

How do I receive payments from outside the university?

At this time, the University plans to maintain current business operations. You can follow your current process.  

Please review this TSS knowledge article for current processes. We will update the link below with any process changes.

My payment has not been recorded to my DeptID.  Has my payment been received?  

Treasury can confirm receipt of payments if the following information is provided: payment amount, Tufts bank account number where payment was routed, and date of payment. It is best to notify Treasury in advance of any future payments to ensure prompt processing to the general ledger.  

Any questions regarding incoming payments should be routed to

I am trying to locate an incoming payment (e.g. checks, wires, ACH).  Who can I contact to assist me with this?

Treasury maintains a list of unidentified transactions that is distributed on the first business day of each week.  Departments may review and claim any payments belonging to them using this report. If you are not currently receiving the unidentified transaction report and would like to be added to the distribution list, you may email with a request to be added.    

Please feel free to contact for any questions regarding incoming payments. 

How do we continue processing payment cards if we work remotely?

Given the variety of merchants across Tufts University, the business continuity plan for each merchant may differ. Please contact Allison Zwaschka or to discuss options and solutions. 

I need my password reset in CashPro. Who should I contact?

Please email  

I have a question related to working within CashPro. Who should I contact?

Please call the Bank of America CashPro help desk at 1-888-589-3473. Be prepared to provide the company ID and your user ID.

I need my password reset in TouchNet. Who should I contact?

Please email  

Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office is implementing social distancing while maintaining operations to the extent possible.

What should I do with Departmental Deposits (deposits from Tufts units that are processed by the Bursar’s Office; these are separate from student billing)?

At this time, we are asking all departments to hold onto deposits pending clarification on when the university will open on-campus services. Please check back with this FAQ for changes to this policy, which may include mail-in deposit options. Grafton and Medford may utilize drop-boxes to place check deposits in. Do NOT leave cash; the Bursar’s Office is not responsible for cash deposits not presented in-person. In summary:

  • Please contact Jim Moodie if you need to make an in person deposit.
  • You may utilize internal mail to send a check for deposit.
  • Checks received by external mail will be received and deposited.
  • Drop boxes will follow normal operations.

How do I obtain petty cash reimbursements?

  • At this time, we are asking the community to hold onto petty cash reimbursements if possible pending clarification on when the university will open on-campus services.  Please check back with this FAQ for changes to this policy, which may include mail-in options.  
  • Please consider utilizing other options beyond petty cash for the purchase of goods and services. Information on other purchasing options can be found through Tufts Shared Services.

How do I contact the Bursar’s Office?

  • For the Health Professions Boston Campus or for the Grafton Campus, please email
  • For the Medford Campus or for the SMFA Boston Campus, please email
  • Post-Award Research Administration (Grant Accounting, Invoicing and Reporting)
  • Post-Award Sponsored Research (Grants) Administration
  • The Post-Award Administration office is expected to operate as it normally does.  However, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Deena Pineo at or
  • FFR’s: All Final Invoices and Financial reports are still due to the Sponsor/Agency per the Agreements. Post-Award will follow normal procedures submitting reports by the due date.

Post-Award Research Administration (Grant Accounting, Invoicing and Reporting)

The Post-Award Administration office is expected to operate as it normally does.  However, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Deena Pineo at or

Are Federal Financial Reports and Final Invoices still due to the federal government?

FFR’s: All Final Invoices and Financial reports are still due to the Sponsor/Agency per the Agreements. Post-Award will follow normal procedures submitting reports by the due date.

Is Post-Award using Salesforce?

Post-Award will be processed daily and follow normal workflow.

Is Post-Award actively processing approvals?

Approvals, including Apptricity and Medius, will be processed normally and monitored daily.

Tufts Support Services

TSS is ready to function in all operational areas while working remotely. All of our support systems are working and we have tested them for remote use. We are managing the receipt and mailing of correspondence (checks, paperwork, etc.) on a modified basis due to the mandate to move to remote work and minimized interaction.

If the FAQs below do not answer your question, please contact us at or 617-627-7000.

TSS General FAQs

Q: Will staff be available for drop off/pick up in the three locations?

A: All staff are working remotely, therefore, our lobbies are closed. Please use the following guidance for transacting business with TSS. We strongly encourage people to use Salesforce (, eServe, and other applications supported by TSS such as Medius, PaymentWorks, etc.  Everything that can be sent by email should be sent by email (please use your Tufts email, which enhances security). 

Q: How will TSS be processing Employment Verifications?

A: We are encouraging all third parties to conduct verifications over the phone or by email. TSS will have a plan in place to retrieve requests that are sent via fax or mail.

Q: Can we still fax to TSS?

A: Email will be the fastest method for us to receive correspondence. If you MUST fax, please call to let us know. Staff will be checking in at the office periodically.

Finance Related FAQs

Q: What will you accept for authorized signatures?

A: We will accept wet signatures, digital signatures, or an email attached to the case or included with the paper submission.

Q: How are A/P disbursements going to be processed?

A: We will continue to process payments according to the profile of the vendor (checks will be mailed out or direct deposits initiated). Please advise anybody you’re having a payment made for to update their addresses. Vendors who currently get checks can log into PaymentWorks and have their payment method changed to direct deposit. Due to social distancing, we will not hold checks for physical pickup.

Q: I have to process a check voucher. What do I do?

A: If you have been authorized to use the online system, please use it. If you process paper check vouchers, continue to submit via Salesforce by emailing the scanned document.

Q: How do I request an increase in my P-Card levels (or MarketPlace, e-Req etc.)?

A: Please submit a request to Please indicate if this is a one-time transaction or must be in place for a limited timeframe.

Q: How can I get a P-card if I don’t have one?

A: The application form can be found at

Q: I signed up for a P-card or travel card last week but haven’t received it. How can I pick it up?

A: P-cards and travel cards are sent to TSS. Once received we will send to your home mailing address.

Q: I have ordered items on my P-card which are to be shipped to my office. What do I do?

A: At this point the shipper will likely ship them to the campus address. If the shipment requires a signature and no one is available in your office to sign, it will likely be returned on the truck. (Each shipper is likely different so Purchasing may need to confirm; contact

Q: Can TSS email me a copy of my 1099/W2/1042-S form?

A: Yes, provided you can answer security questions. Alternatively, these forms are available electronically at eServe.  Sign in and click on Employee Self Service, then Payroll & Compensation.

Q: Should I buy my T-pass for next month?

A: Payroll deductions for the April T-pass have already been made. However, if the employee does not purchase the ticket, the funds will remain on their EBT card and can be used in subsequent months.

Q: I received a paper invoice in my department. What should I do?

A: Continue to send it to in .pdf format. Vendors can, and should, send invoices directly to TSS via U.S. mail or electronically.

Q: Is it safe to say that invoices, stipends, etc. will continue to be processed more or less as usual during this time?

A:  Paper invoices and paper check vouchers as mail may be delayed since we aren't there to get the mail each day. Invoices sent electronically in .pdf to will be processed in the normal time, as will checks vouchers emailed to Electronic check vouchers should not be affected.

HR/Payroll Related FAQs

Q: Are there any changes we should be made aware of with payroll and benefits administration?

A: We will continue to run weekly and semi-monthly payrolls on schedule. Salary distribution to the general ledger will be as normally scheduled.

Q:  I get a paper check. What should I do?

A: Most salary payments are direct deposits. If you do not have direct deposit, we strongly recommend you sign up for direct deposit immediately in eServe. TSS can assist you if needed. For paper checks, we will mail to the home address provided in eServe. Please take a moment to validate your home address.

Q: How will my time be recorded in eServe if we are not in the office?

A: Several days ago we sent guidance to all timekeepers to take steps to ensure that there are back-ups and that time-off information can be captured within the departments. Contact your timekeeper to coordinate your time-off recording.

Q: If TSS is not available in person, how can someone process an I-9?

A: For faculty and staff, TSS will accept electronic documents in section 2. The I-9 can be sent to Once the offices are reopened, you will need to visit in-person to a TSS location to “officially” complete the I-9 process. For students and temps, please contact TSS for assistance in completing a remote I-9 verification process which will be arranged either through a partner institution or a notary.

Q: Has Payroll tested all of their systems and procedures to work remotely?

A: Yes, Payroll has executed on this contingency plan every time there is a blizzard and the campus is closed. We are using the same processes and procedures in place for those campus closures.

Office of Tax Services

The Tax office will operate under normal circumstances and will maintain all tax-related activities using remote access. We are available in the event you need any tax documents or forms related to income tax or state, sales, and use taxes. We can also provide tax information related to grants as well as any updated W-9 documentation.

Our contact information is as follows:

  • John Sanchez, Tax Director - 617-627-3141
  • James Jordan, Sr. Tax Accountant - 617-627-4945
  • Tamara Matama, Tax Accountant - 617-627-1064