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Should I wear a cloth mask when I go outside for essential activities?

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Fully vaccinated individuals (defined as 14+ days after the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or 14+ days after a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) are not required to wear masks or physically distance outside. However, individuals who feel more comfortable wearing a mask outdoors for whatever reason, are encouraged to do so. Non-vaccinated individuals are advised to continue wearing face masks and physically distance until such time as they are fully vaccinated.

Tufts requires that all individuals, whether vaccinated or not, continue to wear masks indoors, except when alone or when eating. We hope that the indoor mask requirement may be eased at a later date. This decision will be based on the levels of vaccination coverage within the Tufts community (students, faculty, and staff), our neighboring communities, and the state, as well as reductions in COVID-19 cases. Even after routine mask wearing indoors is dropped, there may be certain circumstances (e.g., very large indoor gatherings) where their use may be encouraged or people may feel more comfortable wearing them.

Per the state’s guidance, face coverings are required for all individuals on public and private transportation (including rideshares, livery, taxis, ferries, MBTA, Commuter Rail and transportation stations), in healthcare facilities, congregate care settings, and health and rehabilitative day services.

Last update: Tuesday, Jun 1, 2021 - 8:46am

How should I report misconduct?

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If you want to report a situation involving a possible violation of university rules, you may notify your RA (if you live on-campus) or the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for your school. You may also submit an anonymous report online through EthicsPoint or email the Office of Community Standards

Last update: Friday, May 28, 2021 - 12:58pm

Do I have to wear my mask all the time when I am at work? I have a physical or medical reason that prohibits me from wearing a mask.

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Tufts requires that all individuals wear masks indoors, including in offices, conference rooms, classrooms, laboratories, studios, libraries, dining halls, and residences. Masks do not need to be worn indoors when alone or when eating; however, social distancing is strongly encouraged while eating or drinking. For more information on face mask requirements, visit

We encourage you to work with the Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) if you have questions or concerns about wearing a mask or cloth face covering in your Tufts workplace. In many situations, OEO has already found acceptable and safe adaptations, alternatives and accommodations for those individuals who are unable to wear a mask or cloth face covering because of a physical or mental impairment or sincerely held religious belief. OEO will engage in an interactive dialogue with you in order to increase your feasibility of wearing a mask or cloth face covering safely in your workplace with the goal of reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 across Tufts University.

Last update: Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021 - 3:31pm

I wear glasses and sometimes my mask fogs up my glasses and I can’t see.

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Please contact the Tufts OEO Accommodation Specialist Johny Lainé at 617.627.3298, who will be able to assist you with this situation. Typically, masks or face coverings that come up underneath glasses will alleviate this issue. There are few physical or mental health reasons why someone cannot wear a mask or other type of face covering in the workplace. When wearing a mask or cloth face covering may exacerbate a physical or mental health condition, lead to a medical emergency or introduce significant safety concerns, adaptions and alternatives will be considered.

Last update: Monday, Aug 17, 2020 - 10:08am

These FAQs are subject to change. Please check back here for the latest guidance. If you do not  find the information you are looking for, please send an email to