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Last updated: August 26, 2022

If you are planning an on-campus event at Tufts, please follow these guidelines:

Registration Process: 

  • Tufts students, faculty, and staff: A Tufts ID card is required for entry.
  • Non-Tufts event attendees: 
    • During the registration process, non-Tufts attendees should be notified of the vaccination requirement to be on campus. Visitors attending events on campus are required to be vaccinated and boosted, if eligible.
    • Please ask participants in events or programs of any duration (i.e., one or multiple days) to complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation Form before they arrive on campus. Visitors on campus for a tour may be required to complete this form based on the individual school or campus guidelines. It does not apply to students in a credit-bearing course or program.


  • Be sure the space is well ventilated and, ideally, the number of attendees is fewer than the room’s maximum capacity to give everyone enough room to spread out.
  • Weather permitting, consider planning your event outdoors, since that is preferable to being indoors in large groups. 


  • Event planners may request one or more pre-packaged event kits containing 25 rapid antigen tests and 50 masks by emailing at least 24 hours in advance. Kits may be picked up at 62R Talbot Ave. on the Medford/Somerville campus up to seven days before the start of the event.
  • Testing is not mandatory for event attendees, and it is not expected that all attendees will be tested, only those who may have reason for concern about their COVID status. Please do not direct event attendees to come to 62R Talbot Ave. to get a test.
  • Unused test kits should be returned.
  • Testing is available to Tufts staff only at 62R Talbot Ave. on the Medford/Somerville campus through June 15. Symptomatic testing is available to all active Tufts ID holders on all campuses.


  • Masking is optional on campus, except in designated areas at the School of Dental Medicine. We strongly encourage everyone to wear masks at indoor events, especially those who are immunocompromised or have an accommodation and are not vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Cloth masks have been shown to be much less effective than 3-ply surgical grade, KN95, or N95 masks; therefore, we strongly recommend that individuals who choose to mask for their own protection wear a KN95 mask.
  • Actors, musicians, and singers are not required to wear masks or use PPE during performances. 

Meal Service Requirements (indoor/outdoor):

If using a Tufts catering service:

  • Buffet-style food without a catering attendant is allowed.
  • Reception-style events with passed, individually portioned items served by an attendant are permitted. Trays of food sitting on a table (e.g., a cookie tray) are not yet permitted.
  • Served dinner events (plated salads, entrees, and/or desserts hand-served by a catering attendant to individual diners) are permitted. Strict physical distancing of six or more feet is not required at this time.
  • Self-service is permitted with hand sanitizer available.
  • Alcohol served by a bartender: There are no COVID-related restrictions currently in place.

If the event has multiple activities (lecture, socializing, dining, etc.), a dedicated space for food/beverage consumption is recommended, if possible, to avoid masks being removed for the duration of the event. Hand sanitizer should be provided at all events.

For questions or help with your event planning, please email


Sample text to include on invitations

Tufts University is committed to promoting a safe campus environment for all members of our community and guests. In light of the ever-changing impact of the coronavirus variants, all activities conducted on our campuses must adhere to specific event guidelines, posted on the university's COVID-19 website. 

Visitors attending events on campus are required to be vaccinated and boosted, if eligible, and may be asked to show proof of vaccination. 

Please note that you may be required to leave an event if you fail to follow these guidelines. While the university strives to mitigate the risks of infection and community spread, it is impossible to eliminate these risks entirely, and all event participants must recognize that they assume these risks of their own volition.

We hope that everyone will be understanding and embrace these guidelines in the spirit of Tufts' values as a caring community and one that believes strongly in civic responsibility.