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If you are planning an on-campus event at Tufts, please follow these guidelines:

Registration Process: If the event is for students only or for faculty and staff, a Tufts ID card is required for entry. Attendees must also show a green “cleared” email or results screen after taking the Daily Health Survey on the day of the event. During the registration process, non-Tufts event attendees should be notified of the vaccination requirement to be on campus.

Venues/Capacities: Attempt to limit the number of invitees/attendees and use the largest space available. Plan outdoor events whenever possible. Indoor/outdoor events larger than 1,000 people require special review by the Office of the Infection Control Health Director.

Masking: Tufts’ indoor mask mandate requires that masks remain on, except when eating or drinking. Outdoor events, with or without food, do not require masks; however, attendees at gatherings over 100 people are encouraged to wear masks outdoors.

Non-Tufts Attendees: Attendees from outside the university are required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival, and should be advised to bring documentation with them. Non-Tufts attendees without vaccination documentation risk being turned away from the event. All attendees must complete the Daily Health Survey on the day of the event.

At present, indoor events with food are permitted but are discouraged.

Meal Service Requirements (indoor/outdoor):

  • Buffet-style events should have ample hand sanitizers with plating provided by Dining Services. A self-service buffet table where individuals lean over food and touch and share serving utensils is not allowed.
  • Reception-style (including passed, individually portioned items) should not use common serving utensils.
  • Served (plated salads, entrees and/or desserts, hand-served by Dining Services staff to individual diners) is permitted. While strict physical distancing of six or more feet is not required at this time, event diners should be spaced out to the greatest extent possible given the space.
  • Alcohol served by a bartender – no restrictions.
  • If the event has multiple activities (lecture, socializing, dining, etc.), a dedicated space for food/beverage consumption is recommended, if possible, to avoid masks being removed for the duration of the event.
Sample text to include on invitations

Tufts University is committed to promoting a safe campus environment and therefore requires all members of the university community to be vaccinated. Visitors attending events on campus are required to be vaccinated and may be asked to show proof of vaccination upon arrival at the event.

In accordance with the university’s current COVID safety protocols, cloth or disposable face masks must always be worn indoors when not eating or drinking. Any event attendee with symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 must not engage in group activities and should seek medical advice right away.