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Housing and Work

Are AS&E students able to work for on-campus employers for the remainder of Spring 2020?

To help ensure that students can continue to pursue their academic goals without undue financial strain while they are unexpectedly away from campus, the university has developed the following policies for on-campus student employment for Spring 2020.

Students with Work Study

Undergraduate and graduate students with work-study funding will continue to be paid for their regularly scheduled hours through the end of Spring 2020 (Friday, May 8). Students will continue to be paid for their regularly scheduled hours whether or not they are able to continue working remotely for their on-campus employer as long as they have work-study funding available. (See below for information about payment for hours once work-study funding is used up.)

The university recognizes that many work-study students depend on the income they earn from their on-campus positions to help cover essential needs, and we are committed to providing them with support in the form of federally subsidized work-study wages.

Students without Work Study

Undergraduate students who do not have work-study funding (including those who have used up their work-study funding for Spring 2020) will continue to be paid for their regularly scheduled hours through Friday, April 4 as the university transitions to remote learning and working. After April 4 and through the end of Spring 2020 (Friday, May 8), undergraduate students who do not have work-study funding will only be paid for hours they are able to work remotely for their on-campus employer.

Graduate students who do not have work-study funding (including those who have used up their work-study funding for Spring 2020) will only be paid for hours they are able to work remotely for their on-campus employer through the end of Spring 2020 (Friday, May 8).

The university recognizes that this policy means that some students may earn less from on-campus employment during Spring 2020 than they originally anticipated. By providing payment for regularly scheduled hours and remote work as outlined above, we aim to balance the very real needs of our students with the limited funding available in various departments. We thank the many staff members in departments across the university for their flexibility and creativity in providing students with opportunities for remote employment wherever feasible.

Additional Information for All On-Campus Student Employees

  • All students employees should continue to submit hours for any time they work, and they will continue to be paid for these hours.
  • All students who will continue to be paid for their “regularly scheduled hours” as outlined above will be paid for the number of hours they normally work, either according to a predetermined set schedule, or by calculating an average number of hours worked in past weeks during Spring 2020. Student supervisors will be responsible for inputting regularly scheduled hours into the payroll system for their student employees each week.
  • Student employees should contact their supervisors to discuss what duties and projects will be needed for the remainder of the semester and can be conducted remotely.
  • The end of any on-campus student employment as a result of the university’s response to COVID-19 will not impact a student’s ability to re-apply for a position when normal on-campus operations resume, and all students returning to Tufts once normal operations resume will be able to seek on-campus employment.
  • We encourage all students to contact the university to discuss any specific financial circumstances. For questions related to work study and other forms of financial aid, please contact For inquiries related to financial hardships caused by COVID-19, please contact
What is the move-out plan for on-campus undergraduate and graduate students?

Please note that students in graduate schools may have specific circumstances around housing and should follow the instructions they received directly from their schools. The statements below do not supersede the direct information from each school.

All on-campus undergraduate and graduate students have received information from Residential Life explaining that they are required to move out of their residence halls by Monday, March 16 at 3 p.m. and outlining procedures for doing so. This applies to all residential facilities, including woodframe, apartment, CoHo, and graduate housing operated by Residential Life. 

We understand that some students may have extenuating circumstances which would require them to remain in their on-campus residences for a short period after March 16 or, in rare cases, for a longer period of time. Students will have the opportunity to register to stay on campus after March 16 if they:

Students who are unable to return to their permanent residence at this time due to travel restrictions or due to extenuating personal circumstances must request permission before March 12 at 5 PM ET to remain through the Office of Residential Life and Learning. Note that requests must be approved.

What options are there for students who are unable to depart campus at this time?

Students who believe that they will be unable to depart campus by 3 p.m. on March 16 must request to remain on campus by completing Residential Life’s online form no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 12. Please note that completing this form does not guarantee approval. Any students who are approved to remain on campus beyond Monday, March 16 will likely be relocated in order to consolidate the use of residential spaces. All Beacon Street residents at SMFA will be relocated to the Medford/Somerville campus. 

Residential Life is working closely with The UPS Store regarding storage and shipping options for students who require these services. Information about these options has been sent by Residential Life to all on-campus students and is available on the Residential Life website.

Will housing and meal plan fees be reimbursed?

Housing fees, including the Room Commitment fee, and meal plan fees, including SMFA Meal Money, will be prorated effective March 16, 2020, through the end of the semester. JumboCash and Rhino Bucks balances will also be credited upon request effective at the time of the request. For those students with a Tufts grant, there will be a proportional adjustment made reflecting the lower cost for the year. Students will be issued prorated credit to their student account, which may be held for a future semester, or they may request a refund through SIS. If you request a refund, please allow 7-10 business days for your request to process.  

Please note:

  • Students who were living on campus for Spring 2020 will have prorated credit for housing and meal plan fees applied to their student accounts automatically. Student Financial Services will process these credits beginning March 25. Thank you for your patience if you don't receive confirmation of your credit immediately, as Financial Services is processing a large number of credits.  
  • Students living off campus for Spring 2020 may request a prorated credit for meal plans fees. Off-campus students must submit requests by 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 26. Please allow at least two weeks for a credit to be issued after a request is submitted. (Credits are not automatically issued to off-campus students for meal plan fees in case they remain in the Medford/Somerville area and are using meals at Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center and/or the Commons Marketplace during Spring 2020.)
  • All students with a JumboCash and/or RhinoBucks balance as of March 16, 2020 may request a credit for their unused JumboCash and/or RhinoBucks. Students must submit requests by Wednesday, March 25. Please allow at least two weeks for a credit to be issued after a request is submitted. (Credits are not automatically issued to students for JumboCash and/or RhinoBucks balances in case they remain in the Medford/Somerville and/or Fenway area and are using funds at local vendors during Spring 2020.) 
I live off campus or in private housing, how does this affect me?

We are only asking students who live in on campus housing which includes woodframe, apartment, CoHo, and graduate housing operated by Residential Life to leave campus. Any student who lives off campus should be referred to their landlord if they have questions or concerns about their housing situation. 

The following are truly non-Tufts private housing and do not have to vacate unless otherwise specified by the owner of the property.

  • Zeta Psi - 80 Professors Row
  • ATO of Massachusetts - 134 Professors Row

No matter where you live, we recommend social distancing, which includes remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible. 

How does this impact the 2020-21 Housing Selection process?

Residential Life will continue with Housing Selection for the 2020-21 academic year as planned. All students with lottery numbers should proceed with housing selection according to the schedule on the Residential Life website.

What aid is Tufts going to be providing to relocate students out of dorms in terms of physical labor/cost reimbursement?

Tufts University and The UPS Store Student Storage Service have setup a special program to help students move-out as quickly and easily as possible for the early mandatory move-out from campus. Tufts has arranged for The UPS Store to pick up any summer storage items directly from student dorm rooms after they leave campus. Students will be charged the normal summer storage fee with no charge for the additional time resulting from the early closure.

Parking & Transit

What options are there for students who need to leave cars on campus in Medford?

Parking permit fees will be prorated to $100. For students wishing to leave cars on campus, please notify immediately. All vehicles should then be relocated to the Dowling Garage.

Additional information about parking on other campuses will be shared as it becomes available.

Can I get a refund on my parking permit if I’m leaving campus?

Those who have purchased a parking pass for the Medford campus are eligible to receive a refund. To receive a refund please email with your First Name, Last Name & Permit Type (Resident or Commuter). Refunds will be issued to the student’s original payment method within 7-10 days of processing.

Refunds will be distributed as follows:

  • Resident Full Year Permit - $800 (original cost) = $200 (refunded)
  • Resident Semester Permit - $400 (original cost) = $200 (refunded)
  • Commuter Full Year Permit - $400 (original cost) = $200 (refunded)
  • Commuter Semester Permit - $200 (original cost) = $100 (refunded)
Will the shuttle buses to Davis Sq. still be running after March 16th?

All shuttle operations have ceased as of March 12.


Will dining halls be open?

All Tufts Dining locations on both the Medford and SMFA campuses are closed for the remainder of the semester, outside of the exceptions noted below.

To better serve students who remain on campus or in the local area, meal services through Tufts Dining move to Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center starting, Monday, March 16. (Previously, Carmichael Dining Center was made available to students, but service has closed as of Sunday, March 15.)

New hours of service also go into effect at Dewick: starting March 16, (including Saturday and Sunday), brunch will be served from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., and dinner will be served from 4 - 8 p.m.

Students on Spring 2020 meal plans who have been approved to remain on campus or who remain in the local area will be able to use their meal swipes during these times. If you do not currently have a Tufts meal plan and would like to enroll, please email

Students may also use JumboCash in Dewick. Meals will be served as take-out only.

Beginning Tuesday, March 17, specific meal times will be assigned to all students through to help maintain proper social distancing. For Monday, March 16, we ask students to practice social distancing as diligently as possible on their own when they access Dewick.

For instructions for signing up for meal times, or if  you experience any difficulty with TuftsTickets, please contact

Commons Marketplace will also remain open starting today, as previously announced. Their hours of service will be Monday – Friday,  8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Additional information about dining on the Boston campus will be shared as it becomes available.

The University is currently reviewing the possibility of prorating Meal Plan fees and financial aid for Meal Plans and will provide additional information as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we make a determination.

Please note that the Spring Break Meal Money program previously offered to eligible students has been suspended in light of the above change in Tufts Dining services.

Will the gym be open?

All indoor athletics facilities will be closed as of the end of the day on March 12. 

Outdoor athletic facilities will be open for limited use (running on the outdoor track, playing tennis) but should not be used for group gatherings or other events.

Will the libraries be open?

Most Tufts Library spaces are closed until further notice. All libraries will maintain virtual resources and business operations to support academic continuity for distance learning.

Tisch, Lilly, & SMFA Libraries:

Library staff will provide virtual assistance to help faculty and students access online resources and services through Ask A Librarian. Staff can host virtual consultations with students or small groups via WebEx or Zoom. Following spring break, we will offer expanded hours for virtual chat, and adapt library and Digital Design Studio sessions to a remote classroom context. Our email question service is also available.

Scan & Deliver is on hold to comply with Governor Baker’s directive to close physical workplaces. All Tufts libraries will suspend Scan & Deliver services from March 24 until at least April 7 (the end-date of the current order). This service will resume once it is safe for library staff to return to campus.

Tufts community members with checked-out materials should be assured that we understand this is an extraordinary situation. Overdue fines are suspended for all items, including interlibrary loan materials. Due dates for all borrowed items will be extended past the start of the fall semester.

Hirsh Health Sciences Library:

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library will remain open for study, with no on-site services. It should not be used for group meetings per overall event protocol. Librarians are available for consultations and assistance. More information can be found here.

Ginn Library:

Ginn Library staff will provide virtual reference assistance, fulfill online requests, and provide limited Scan & Deliver. Please check the Fletcher COVID-19 page for updates and information.

Webster Family Library:

The Vet Library is closed. Please contact library staff for assistance and questions.

Digital Collections and Archives (DCA):

The DCA Reading Room is closed until further notice. We are evaluating the situation weekly and will provide status updates on the DCA website.

DCA staff will be working remotely. We will respond to questions and research inquires to the best of our ability using digital resources, including all content in the Tufts Digital Library. We are available for archival research consultations and University records management advice via phone, WebEx, or Zoom. Please contact us at or via the DCA website with questions.

What should I do with my library books?

If you have materials borrowed from any library, please keep them for now. Please be assured that overdue fines/late fees will not be charged for any items, including interlibrary loan materials, calculators, and reserve materials. All due dates will be extended past the start of the fall semester. This process will take some time to complete. Please ignore due dates for all materials while we work to resolve this issue.

What do I do if I can’t return my books?

If students can't return books before they leave campus, they will be able to print out a free shipping label to send them back to us by the deadline.  An email will go out later in the semester concerning the shipping label. For overseas students, or with any other questions, call the Textbook Dept at 617-627-2061.

Are the art galleries open?

Tufts University Art Galleries were closed to the public and Tufts Community as of March 12. For updated information, please refer to the gallery’s website and official announcements from the University. While there is no replacement for seeing artwork in person, please download the TUAG mobile app here for a virtual tour that includes images and gallery texts of current exhibitions.