Guidelines for Spring 2021

The academic year will continue through the spring semester with routine surveillance testing and students taking classes in a variety of formats-including in-person, virtual, a hybrid of the two, or fully remote-based on their learning needs. Here, you will find information on each school's spring curriculum and university-wide COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

For the most recent information, see our latest updates.

Current COVID-19 policies and procedures will remain in place through the end of the semester

Faculty, Staff, Managers & Researchers
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Latest Updates

COVID-19 policies and procedures:
The university will sustain its current COVID-19 policies and procedures for the remainder of the semester. Read more.

AS&E Announces Fall 2021 Plans:
The School of Arts and Sciences (including the School of the Museum of Fine Arts) and the School of Engineering plan to resume most academic, research, and campus activities in person on campus in September. Faculty have been asked to plan for in-person fall courses. Read more.

Individuals who receive a positive COVID-19 test result from an entity outside a Tufts testing facility:
If you have tested positive for COVID-19 outside of a Tufts testing facility, please provide official documentation of your positive test result for our health providers. Individuals who tested positive are removed from surveillance testing for 90 days following a positive test. At the end of 90 days, you will receive an email inviting you back into the testing protocol. Please ensure the uploaded documentation specifies your name, date of birth, what type of test was performed, test result, and test date.

UPDATED: University’s close contact quarantine policy In response to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Information and Guidance for Persons in Quarantine due to COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Higher Education Control Plan, Tufts University has revised its policy and procedures related to the duration of quarantine for close contacts of people with COVID-19. Read more.

Effective Immediately: New Restrictions for Students Studying in Person
As a consequence of the increasing numbers of positive cases and close contacts on our Medford/Somerville campus in recent weeks, the university has put new restrictions in place for AS&E students studying on campus. The new guidance will remain in effect starting November 15 until further notice. Read more.

Massachusetts' new public health orders and advisories:
Governor Charlie Baker and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts released new public health orders and advisories designed to mitigate the transmission of SARS-Cov-2 that have implications for the Tufts AS&E community. These go into effect on Friday, Nov. 6, at 12:01 a.m. Read more.


Take part in a research study by volunteering a swab sample:
Tufts researchers are conducting a pilot study to see if the kind of nasal swab tests that the university uses in its COVID-19 surveillance testing can be analyzed in batches, a less expensive option that could allow local K-12 schools to create their own testing programs. Faculty, staff, and students can take part the next time they go for their scheduled test on the Medford/Somerville campus. Read the story on Tufts Now.

Tufts Visitor (and Meeting) Policy:
On August 19, the university posted its Visitor and Meeting policy. The university’s goal is the reduction of the overall number of people on campus to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus and protect faculty, staff, and students from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. Tufts continues to urge strongly that all meetings and events be conducted virtually if possible, even if planned as off-campus events. Read the complete Visitor (and Meeting) Policy (on AccessTufts).

All the details of COVID-19 testing at Tufts:
Effective testing will allow us to slow the spread of the diseases on our campuses by allowing us to identify those who have COVID-19, arrange for their isolation from others, assist them in receiving the care they need, and begin the contact tracing process. It will also provide information about any spread of the disease on our campuses to help inform decisions about campus operations. On August 17, the university posted this resource with the details of the university’s comprehensive testing process. Learn more...


How to Create a Vaccine in Real Time

Brett Leav, A87, A23P, who led the clinical trial team that developed the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, tells a Tufts audience how the vaccines happened so quickly