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September 4, 2020

Tufts University has taken extraordinary actions and adopted new policies to allow our campuses to safely reopen this fall and to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 within our community and within our host communities.

Some of these policies come with great sacrifices on the part of students, faculty, and staff. We recognize the hardships some of these policies may cause but believe they are necessary to safeguard public health and to give us the opportunity to offer an in-person experience.

One of the many policies we are implementing in response to COVID-19 is the policy related to the singing and the playing of wind instruments.

Current scientific evidence strongly indicates that singing or the playing of wind instruments generates aerosolized particles that can remain in the air for a very long period of time and can transmit coronavirus to others. For this reason, we are asking students to refrain from singing or playing wind instruments, whether they are indoors or outside, until further notice.

This policy applies to on- and off-campus students who are attending in-person classes and participating in activities on our campuses. The policy also applies to students who may be attending all courses remotely but who live with roommates who are coming to campus.

Information and public health guidance on COVID-19 is changing and evolving rapidly and we will review and revise this policy as we learn more. If this affects you in an academic capacity, we ask that you consult your advising dean.  We are using our best judgment in collaboration with medical and public health experts and will continue to assess this specific issue in the months to come.