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September 4, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Below are some brief, critical updates as we start the semester:

Routine Testing for A&S Faculty and Staff 

Additional details about testing logistics were sent earlier today to all faculty and staff. A summary of the COVID-19 testing process and protocols can be found here.

The Dean’s office worked with departments to determine which faculty and staff should be included in the routine testing program. If you have questions about why you were or were not included in the testing program, or if your on-campus status has changed since this review was conducted, please contact your supervisor, department administrator, or department head. Department heads and administrators should send questions about testing frequency and requests for changes to the testing roster to our EAD’s office, which will continue to coordinate closely with the University’s public health experts to ensure that testing frequencies are aligned with the University’s testing and public health strategies. 

Resource Page for Teaching during COVID 

We know the volume of information you are receiving, and our circumstances have required many changes to academic policy. We’ve created a page for teaching and academic resources during Fall 2020 here: This page also features a link to an archive of important messages that have been sent out: 

In addition to the resources listed on these pages, please reach out to Bárbara, Sam, Nancy, Bob, or me if you need help navigating teaching this Fall. 

Our faculty’s and staff’s response to our unprecedented situation is a source of pride for me, and should be for all of us. You all have done an incredible amount of work to prepare for this semester, and have risen to the challenges that have been presented to us. 

Next week will prove especially challenging, as classes begin while students continue to arrive, and while some remain in arrival quarantine. As issues arise, I encourage you to reach out to us so we can work together on solutions. I will be holding informal “coffee hours” for faculty and staff every two weeks this semester with myself and my colleagues in the Dean’s Office, the first of which will be on September 18th at 11 am. More details and a zoom link will follow. 

Many thanks for your continued support, 

James M. Glaser
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences