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September 2, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Please find information below regarding when to schedule final exams for courses taught asynchronously and a statement you can include in your course syllabi addressing the Tufts policy prohibiting sharing online or recorded course content. We hope this information will be helpful as you prepare for the fall semester.

Asynchronous Final Exams:

All instructors are urged to use the Final Examination Period (December 15 to 22) and the blocks outlined in the Final Exam Block Schedule.

Exams for asynchronous classes should be scheduled on the date of the course’s originally scheduled final exam block. In order for students in different time zones to be able to take the exam at an acceptable time, all students will be allowed to start their exam within a 24-hour window set by the instructor. Regardless of when in the 24-hour period the exam is initiated, students may not spend more than the instructor-specified time limit to complete their examination. As is the policy with any exam, students must abide by the Tufts academic code of conduct. Please be sure to communicate time ranges in Eastern Standard Time. As a reminder, students will not have access to view the originally scheduled blocks, so instructors should be sure to clearly communicate the exam date to students and include it in the course syllabus.

If you cannot remember your originally scheduled block, you may contact your department administrator. The Office of the Registrar has shared a record of the original class schedule as planned before courses were moved online. Courses that were never scheduled for a time block should schedule exams in the final exam open block.

Final Exam Conflicts

Should you hear from students who are scheduled to complete three or more final exams within a 24 hour period, you may suggest they complete the Multiple Final Exams Notification petition.  Students may use this form to contact instructors to request to reschedule one or more final exams. Students are encouraged to make requests as early as possible to give instructors time to work to find a solution and are strongly advised to complete this form no later than November 1 for the fall semester.

A final exam is traditionally an in-class exam offered during the final exam period in each semester. This fall, final exams may include both traditional in-class exams as well as time-limited exams administered virtually.  

Syllabus Statement (copy and paste):

Policy on sharing. This course is designed for everyone to feel comfortable participating in discussion, asking questions, learning, and facilitating the learning of others. In order for that atmosphere to be maintained, the recordings of our conversations will only be shared with the enrolled students in the class (not posted publicly), and it is prohibited for any of us who have access to the video to share it outside the course. Similarly, I have specifically designed the syllabus, exams, handouts, and lectures for the people who are enrolled in the course this term and those may not be shared outside this course. It is against Tufts policy for anyone to share any content made available in this course including course syllabi, reading materials, problems sets, videos, handouts, and exams with anyone outside of the course without the express permission of the instructor. This especially includes any posting or sharing of videos or other recordings on publicly accessible websites or forums. Any such sharing or posting could violate copyright law or law that protects the privacy of student educational records.

If you have any questions or if you are looking for additional teaching resources, please visit our AS&E Teaching Resource page or


Carmen Lowe, Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies, School of Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Stephan, Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies, School of Engineering
Robert G. Cook, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Karen A. Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education, School of Engineering